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VL Keys Main :
  • Occupy minimal space on desktop
  • Can be minimized to system tray bar
  • Include context-sensitive help
  • 16 VL Window fonts included
  • Convert clipboard text to another encoding
  • Support shorthands
  • Last updated Nov. 24, 99
VLKeys Encoding Page Encoding Page
  • Built-in encoding : VL Win, VISCII, VNI Window encoding
  • Easily switch to another encoding
  • Allow to import other encoding
Editor Page Editor Page
  • Windows Rich text format editor
  • Print preview and print setup included
  • Convert from 8-7 bit encoding
  • Convert from one encoding to another (including imported encoding)
Key Setting Page Key settings page
  • Allow to modify keys for diacritic input
  • Allow to modify translation key from 7-8 bit encoding


Windows 95 font- smoothing utility You can download free font smoothing utilities from Microsoft's   web site. This utilties also has features of Microsoft Plus without paying for Microsoft Plus. This utilities should only be used for Windows 95 only.





VLKSetup.exe (1.34M)

After downloading the file, run the VLKSetup.exe by double clicking it and follow the instructions to install.

Click either below links to download :

          Download Site 1

          Download Site 2