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VL Calendar Main features :
  • Show lunar and solar dates of every month between 01/1900 to 12/2100
  • Dockable or floating toolbar
  • Use VPS/VISCII/VNI/VL font for Vietnamese day and month names
  • Can be resized to fit your desktop
  • Can be customized to your likings
  • Graphics format supported : (BMP,WMF,EMF) or JPG/JPEG 
  • Include 46 transitional effects
  • Include important Vietnamese hollidays
  • Special effects can be shown in any image style.
  • Background of calendar can be gradient colors or an image
  • Timing the change of images can be set in seconds. So the silde show of images can be played..
Daily calendar Daily calendar 
  • Vietnamese day name, month name and year name
  • Special effects can be shown in any image style.
  • Include Vietnamese hour name using current system clock
  • Include full text of main Vietnamese hollidays  
  • Use any of VISCII/VPS/VNI/VL font for Vietnamese text
Calendar Print Preview Print preview
  • Zoom in/out capabilties
  • Margin can be set on printed page
  • Can print on different sizes of paper, depended on printer driver
Back After downloading , just run CALsetup.exe (1.1 megs)  to install VL calendar.Click on either links to download :

    Download Site 1