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Download VLCalendar.class and sample HTML file

Ca'ch du`ng : unzip downloaded file, run LichVN.htm nhu+ du+o+'i dda^y.


This applet runs only with Java support

La`m 1 web page vo+'i VN :

1. Open Frontpage
2. Cho.n Insert|Advance|Java Applet
3.  Trong Applet Source, dda'nh chu+~ VNCalendar, click OK
4. Click HTML tab o+? go'c tra'i phi'a du+o+'i dde^? xem HTML code
5. Trong HTML code, giu+~a <applet
dda'nh va`o line thay width = 500 va` height = 400 (minmum is 450, 350)
6. File|Save dde^? save web page va`o 1 folder na`o ddo'
7. Copy file VNCalendar.class va`o cu`ng 1 folder vo+'i folder co' web page
8. Click Preview tab o+? go'c tra'i be^n du+o+'i dde^? xem thu+?
Co' the^? the^m ta^'t ca? nhu+~ng ca'i kha'c trong web page.